Consumerism is becoming an increasingly concerning issue so I explored alternative systems that are more than the traditional cradle to grave process.

The forceful consumer system that fashion runs on is not sustainble however there are other systems that exist in fashion which exercise alternative business structures that are more sustainable.

With a great interest in sustainability and fashion I chose to look at these less wasteful alternative systems that currently exist. One system that has been in existence for some time now are thrift stores. Thrift stores take used clothing and re-sell the items from a discounted price, which extends the life cycle of clothing and accessories. Another system
that is the next step from thrift stores are companies that take used or existing clothing and alters and recreates the clothing to bring a new life to old clothing, again extending the life cycle of the garment. A newer system to the fashion industry are rental systems where customers can use items for a designated period of time allowing more people to get use from one item. I also explore other sustainable concepts that are emerging in fashion such as slow fashion. For each system or concept I analyze the sustainable elements as well as areas of improvement.

A realization that the current consumer system did not always exist and therefore it will change in the future. Systems and companies are continually evolving and innovating to be increasingly sustainable.

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