Bike Garage is a business plan that embodies sustainability. By making biking a more attractive option for New Yorkers and by helping to build a larger and better bike community, we aim to encourage sustainable transportation.

Businesses and corporations have a large role in determining the future of the environment. Many companies today have caused more harm than good. There is a need for businesses to embody sustainability in their structure.

Our team chose to study transportation in New York City specifically
bike riding. Although bike riding is popular in New York, we believe
more people would be likely to join in if it was an easier, safer, and more convenient. We planned to accomplish this goal by creating bike parking venues throughout the city. This would tackle the issues with current bike parking and theft. These venues would also serve as coffee shops and meeting places to create community and provide convenience especially for commuters. Each element of our business plan was analyzed in terms of sustainability, to ensure we were not harming the environment while promoting that others aim to mitigate environmental negligence.

This business would bring the bike community in New York closer together and stronger by spreading advocacy of biking and sustainability.

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