This business was created for the unmet need of building and rebuilding a positive body image for women who have undergone mastectomies and we did this by creating a mastectomy fitting service and support system.

New business models are needed to solve unmet needs in many different areas, including health. Women who have undergone mastectomies often develop body image issues as a result of their diagnoses and treatments and solutions to build and rebuild a positive body image are needed.

In order to create a business plan that meets this unmet need, my group researched the mastectomy bra fitting industry to decide on and create our product features and benefits, the organizational structure of our company, the customers, our competitors, our promotion strategy, how we would measure success, details of our product and service, the financial plan, and plans and goals for the future.

From creating a detailed business plan we can speculate that our business caters to an unmet need and is a viable business plan to help rebuild positive body image for women who have been dianosed and treated for cancer.

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