Situation: A project for a first year MFA course, Designing Online Communities, at the Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts. Create a curated Tumblr blog with a social message.

Approach: Everyone must play a part in creating a sustainable future. We are all interconnected and every decision you make or don’t make has an impact. We wanted our blog to help people make better every day decisions. Our small choices will make a big impact. We found that a lot of consumers are aware of this but that the average consumer does not have the context or language to understand how to make sustainable choices. Our goal was to meet those consumers at their level by talking about these better choices in a language that is understandable to them and humorous. We recognized the trend of a sassy feminine tone and applied it to our topic of sustainability.

Outcome: EcoBitch, a Tumblr blog that gives advice on small ways to be more sustainable in your day to day life, features brands and people who are working to build a sustainable future, and promotes products that are created in a sustainable manner, all presented in an approachable and humorous tone.