Luxury designers have amazing campaigns each season but I wanted to create a target market specific campaign for Louis Vuitton to be featured in Teen Vogue.

30 LV ad.jpg

Existing advertising campaigns may not be as successful as they could be because they cater to a wide target market, leaving some consumers to feel too disconnected from the brand identity. Using in depth research about the campaign, the company, and their industry to analyze the information collected, an appropriate creative advertising solution can result.

I chose to pose as the advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather who was hired by Louis Vuitton for new advertisements to be featured in Teen Vogue. Louis Vuitton uses the same campaign photographs in all magazines they advertise in and I believe they could use more appropriate campaign strategies depending on their different target audiences. I chose to focus on their advertisements for their Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Teen Vogue magazine as targeting younger audiences is a key strategy for the luxury industry and demand for high end products in youth markets is increasing.

A complete advertising plan created from company and industry research and analysis created for a specific target audience.