This project, Social Media Social Good Social Impact, involved extensive research allowing us to create multi-level solutions to help solve a major problem. My group looked at health care in America and how Western culture has led us to always expect immediate solutions, which are not always the best option.


Design processes can identify and explore both urban and universal humanitarian, social, and cultural issues. Using extensive research to analysis these issues, successful negotiations and solutions can result.

After exploring multiple topics, our group, known as Nest, narrowed down on the subject of health in the Western culture. We gathered information including how our health has gotten to where it is and why, who played the major roles in determining this state, and what people and companies are doing to take a step in the right direction, away from this hole we have dug ourselves in. From our research we were able to create solutions that we believe will help people want to take interest in their health so they can decide for themselves what is best from them, instead of being told what is best for their health. Our team created a book featuring our extensive research, our insights, processes, and solutions.

Solutions that could help lead Americans to invest more personal interest into their health by looking at the causes of issues, and not jumping for immediate solutions.

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