Because of my interest in fashion and sustainability I wanted to explore the rental systems popping up in the fashion industry and the sustainable and unsustainable elements of them

The fashion industry is fueled by products and consumerism which has evolved into a completely unsustainable cycle. Western societies have constant desires for more and more items.

I was very attracted to Marx’s ideas on ownership as well as the concept of “cradle to cradle” by McDonough and Braungart. As a result I chose to bring these ideas to my interests in fashion and consumer systems. Fashion companies, such as Bag, Borrow, or Steal, offer rental systems where customers can rent fashion items for periods time and then
return the items to the company after that period for someone else to then rent and use. This idea challenges our current consumer system
as it changes our focus from ownership to experience. I analyzed how companies are currently responding to wasteful consumerism and what are the next steps for the future of fashion

Companies are beginning to emerge that challenge the way we currently think about consuming fashion but we must look at the other aspects that are unsustainable and how they can be altered.

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