A game designed by Grace Hsieh, Maia Kaufman, Caroline McAndrews, Hannah Phang, and Rinat Sherzer

Our challenge was to design a board or card game with the following constraints: 

  1. Your game should involve the players making sounds or noises of some kind.
  2. Don’t use any hidden information in the game (no face-down cards, hands of cards that players don’t reveal to each other, or concealed pieces)
  3. Use colors in a meaningful way

We began by picking our favorite games and tried to pick elements we liked: non-competitive, working to build or solve something, and games that require logic or trivia. After a week playing games based on these principles, we were very bored. Which led us to create a competitive, action-driven, silly game – and we had a LOT of fun playing it.


  • 1 Deck of Strikeout cards
  • Colored bandanas (5 colors per player)
  • Stacks of post-it’s


Don’t strike out. Be the last player standing.


Place cards face-down in a pile in the middle of the room. This is the playing circle.

Place post-it’s around the room. They should be placed in plain sight and not hidden. Post-it’s should not be within arm’s reach of the playing circle, and no higher than the shoulders of the shortest player. For each color, put up one less post-it than the total number of players. For example, if you have 5 players there should be 4 post-it’s of each color around the room.

Each player puts on one of each color bandana - one bandana per ankle, one bandana per wrist, and one around your head (5 colors total per person).

Rules for Game Play

Sit in a circle around the deck of cards. All butts must be on the ground while cards are being flipped.

Each player takes turns flipping one card over at a time, starting with one player and moving clockwise around the circle.

When a card is flipped and the color of the word matches the color written on the card, all players must yell that color, run to a post-it of the same color, and touch the bandana that matches to the post-it.

After each round, everyone who made it to a post-it moves that post-it somewhere else in the room.

3 strikes you’re out of the game. Last person left wins.

Every time someone strikes out (three strikes), you remove one of each color post-it so that there is always one less of each color than the number of players still in the game.

How You Get Strikes

X: If your butt leaves the ground when the color of the word does NOTmatch the color written, you get a strike.

X: Whoever doesn’t make it to a post-it gets a strike.

X: If you touch the wrong color bandana to a post-it and another player calls you out on it, you get a strike.