This start-up company initially was marketing towards a niche market of true beer connoisseurs however we felt re-branding the company could help them to increase business and brand awareness.


Many start-ups, after initial growth, get trapped by their original plans that can hinder further growth.Implementing strategic plans for emerging companies can improve and grow their business by using theories of strategic development.

Along with my group members we completed a full analysis of the start-up company, The Growler Station, which offers take-home craft beer in the traditional system of growlers. After finding all relevant details about the company, we created a strategic plan based off of theories we have learned and research we found about the best ways to promote the business to help them be increasingly successful. We chose to create a marketing and branding plan that focused on the sustainable aspect of growlers to encourage people
to enjoy beer with less waste. By creating personas that summarize the company’s customers we better understood what the company needed to further penetrate the market including new branding, introducing events such as tastings and beer lessons, and event sponsoring.

A new branding and marketing plan for The Growler Station to further penetrate the market.